Monday, August 25, 2014

To Market, To Market

When you go grocery shopping, what type of bag do you use?  Plastic bags are always available at the stores I frequent, and occasionally they offer paper bags, but the biggest trend these days is to bring your own reusable shopping bag.  Although many of these are also plastic, the benefit is that you're not throwing it away and adding to the tremendous volume of plastic garbage that exists in our world (learn more here).  Of course there is the issue of these bags becoming very nasty and germ-ridden over time, which is just disgusting to think about, and that may ultimately lead you to throw it away.  I think a better alternative is a cotton bag.  They're not only environmentally safe, but machine washable too.  Also, if they're cute enough, you might use them not only for shopping trips but for other occasions as well.

SKCreations, LLC has a variety of small tote bags that can be used for your grocery shopping and more.  They're 100% natural cotton canvas and have designs that will complement your unique style.  Visit our online boutique to see these and more.

UNITY Canvas Tote Bag

Naturally ME Canvas Tote Bag

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SKCreations, LLC Surface Designs: Custom Designed Cell Phone Case

Looking for a fun way to market your business or product?  Here's a fun take on a "calling" card.  The custom designed cell phone case protects your cell phone and makes a statement.  To get yours, contact SKCreations, LLC for more information.