Tuesday, October 28, 2014

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: Zodiac Collection - Happy Birthday Scorpios!

Are you or someone you love a Scorpio?  Some of the characteristics of those born under this astrological sign are passionate, determined, intuitive and magnetic.  Not bad, huh?  Does that describe you?

Check out these unique gadget accessories for the Scorpio in your life.  Products include iPad covers, iPhone cases, Galaxy Note cell phone cases and more.  Visit the SKCreations, LLC online boutique for more information on our original Zodiac surface design collection.  Create a spark!

Happy Birthday, Scorpios!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: Customer Testimonial

So pleased to have another happy customer:

"I received my iPad cover and I LOVE IT!!!  Thanks for being such a unique artisan."
-Rosslyn Y.

Thank you, Rosslyn! :-D

Available in the SKCreations, LLC online boutique.

Zodiac-Sun Aquarius iPad Case