Thursday, July 31, 2014

SKCreations, LLC Surface Designs: Custom Design Services

Do you have a special event coming up?  Have you thought about getting a keepsake for the occasion?  Perhaps you're an entrepreneur with a business logo, an artist with a unique design, a meeting planner or social coordinator looking for a customized gift bag, or maybe you have a favorite photo that you'd like to preserve in a special way.  The SKCreations, LLC custom design service may be just what you're looking for.  Our unique custom fabric showcases your design, image or logo, and it's transformed into functional accessories including a stylish tote bag and handy wristlet pouch.  Both are great for everyday use.  Check out these products with the SKCreations, LLC logo fabric:

The SKCreations, LLC tote bag and wristlet pouch are also available for purchase in the SKCreations online boutique.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: SHOES Note Cards

Are you a shoe junkie?  Go on, admit it.  Many of us are.  Own it with these SHOES... Food for the SOLE! Note Cards.  The cards are 5" x 7", blank inside and come with a white envelope.  The assorted shoe designs include flats, heels, slides and more.  There's something for everyone.  Grab a set for yourself or for a friend.  Like they say, "Life is Short... Buy the Shoes" (note cards, that is).  Available separately or as a set of six in the SKCreations online boutique.  The set comes in a handy, reusable drawstring pouch (fabric design may vary).

Thursday, July 17, 2014

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: A-Maze

If you've visited the SKCreations website, you may have noticed my abstract surface design collection titled A-Maze.  I created the initial design one day when I was in a doodling mood, so I didn't have anything in particular in mind when I started.  I was basically going freestyle.  After playing around with it though, I ended up with something I really liked and decided to try it in four different colorways. 

I decided to see how the designs would look on a variety of products.  Here are some samples:

A-Maze I

A-Maze II

A-Maze III

A-Maze IV
You can see more products with these designs on Society6.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: SHOES... Food for the SOLE!

Do you love shoes?  I certainly do.  I think a well crafted shoe is a beautiful work of art.  I even looked into classes to learn to make shoes myself at one point.  So far I haven't taken the plunge, but I never say never.  Until then, I've decided to create shoes in a different way.  My latest surface design collection features my drawings of an assortment of shoe styles.  It's titled SHOES... Food for the SOLE!  I've designed a t-shirt and canvas bag for the collection, and a portion of the sale proceeds will be donated to Soles4Souls, a global not-for-profit institution dedicated to fighting the devastating impact and perpetuation of poverty.  The products are available in the SKCreations online boutique.  Rather than feeling guilty about buying another pair of shoes, you can feel good about adding a little style to your wardrobe, that also helps someone in need.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: UNITY Note Cards

My new UNITY designs are available not only on t-shirts and bags, but also note cards.  In addition to selling them in the SKCreations online boutique, they're also available at the Brentwood Arts Exchange at the Gateway Arts Center in Brentwood, MD.  On one of my recent visits there, I was told that a woman had purchased one of the cards to give to a co-worker who she had really rubbed the wrong way.  She didn't share what she had done, but she was very hopeful that the UNITY card, along with a written apology, would result in forgiveness by the person she had angered.  I hope it helped.  Even if you don't have to apologize to someone, these cards can be very handy to have around to be used for any unforeseen occasion.  You can purchase them separately, or you can get the set of six which includes two of each of the three designs, and a reusable drawstring pouch.  For more information, click here to visit the shop.