Thursday, March 26, 2015

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: In Black and White

No matter who you are, you probably have black go-to pieces in your wardrobe.  It's practically a necessity.  There are many reasons people wear black.  It can be for the slimming effect or simply because it's cool or chic.  Of course, basic black goes with just about everything, but it's usually paired with white for a classic look.

My latest custom tote bag was crafted from fabric printed with my surface design, In Black and White.  The design includes geometric shapes with clean lines.  The lining is all black, and the bag will complement almost any style.  It's sure to become your go-to accessory too.  Available now in the SKCreations online boutique.

In Black and White © Custom Tote Bag

Thursday, March 19, 2015

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: Calypso I

My newest surface design is titled Calypso I.  I have visited many parts of the West Indies, and calypso music is an original theme that flows through their culture.  It's usually very lively, and the sound puts me in a festive mood and makes me want to dance.  It is the inspiration for my new design, which I had printed onto linen cotton canvas fabric.  I'm looking forward to working with this fun design!

Calypso I © Surface Design on Linen Cotton Canvas

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: Who Spilled the Beans?

I love beans.  There probably isn't a week that goes by when I don't have them.  I'm a big fan of kidney beans, black beans, lima beans, navy beans and garbanzo beans, and there are others that get thrown into the mix from time to time.  They are a great source of protein, and since I don't eat red meat, and have chicken and fish only once in awhile, they're really a staple for me. 

My surface design, Who Spilled the Beans, is an ode to these legumes, and since I did get a bit carried away while creating the design, it ended up looking like someone just spilled out a container full.  Hence the name.

I recently had the design printed onto a linen cotton canvas fabric, and used the fabric to create this custom tote bag.  The lining is a complementary olive green duck cloth canvas fabric.  I think it's a fun and unique design, and sure to be a conversation starter.  Order yours in the SKCreations online boutique.

Who Spilled the Beans © Custom Tote Bag

Thursday, March 12, 2015

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: More New Fabric!

I had another one of my surface designs, Zig, printed onto a modern jersey fabric, and I couldn't be happier with the results!  I LOVE this fabric, and I have some big plans in store for it.  I'm anxious to get started creating with it, but there are too many things ahead of it on the to-do list at the moment.  I've got to step it up or I just might burst at the seams (pun intended)!

Zig © Surface Design by SKCreations, LLC on Modern Jersey

Monday, March 9, 2015

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: Spring Custom Tote Bags!

It's countdown to Spring!  Now that Daylight Saving Time has begun, there's light at the end of the tunnel.  I'm looking forward to warmer days, lighter clothing and brighter colors all around, and I can't wait to break out my new custom tote bags to enhance those warm weather outfits.  They're roomy enough for all the daily essentials, and sturdy enough to weather all the fun.  They're machine washable too!  You can get yours in the SKCreations, LLC online boutique.

Pantone Jazz © Custom Tote Bag

Retropolis 3 © Custom Tote Bag

Monday, March 2, 2015

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: Naturally ME = Girl Power!

For the past several years, some of my SKCreations products have been available for purchase in the Craft Store at the Brentwood Arts Exchange at the Gateway Arts Center, located in Brentwood, MD.  I really love this place and feel very fortunate to be a part of this art community.  I was there recently to deliver some new products for the store, and the Craft Store Coordinator mentioned that a woman had recently purchased two of my Naturally ME Note Cards for her granddaughter.  She planned to frame them and hang them on her granddaughter's bedroom wall.  The grandmother has been collecting cards and images with positive representations of African American women for some time, and she frames and hangs them on her granddaughter's wall to encourage a sense of pride in her heritage and culture.  I am always touched when I hear stories of how my creations enriched someone's life in some way, but this was one of the most touching stories I've heard.  I'm honored to have some of my work contribute to the building of a young girl's positive self esteem, and it really exemplifies what my Naturally ME series is all about.  It really made my day. :-)

Naturally ME Note Cards

Naturally ME YouTube Video