Monday, March 2, 2015

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: Naturally ME = Girl Power!

For the past several years, some of my SKCreations products have been available for purchase in the Craft Store at the Brentwood Arts Exchange at the Gateway Arts Center, located in Brentwood, MD.  I really love this place and feel very fortunate to be a part of this art community.  I was there recently to deliver some new products for the store, and the Craft Store Coordinator mentioned that a woman had recently purchased two of my Naturally ME Note Cards for her granddaughter.  She planned to frame them and hang them on her granddaughter's bedroom wall.  The grandmother has been collecting cards and images with positive representations of African American women for some time, and she frames and hangs them on her granddaughter's wall to encourage a sense of pride in her heritage and culture.  I am always touched when I hear stories of how my creations enriched someone's life in some way, but this was one of the most touching stories I've heard.  I'm honored to have some of my work contribute to the building of a young girl's positive self esteem, and it really exemplifies what my Naturally ME series is all about.  It really made my day. :-)

Naturally ME Note Cards

Naturally ME YouTube Video

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