Friday, June 19, 2015

Fab 5 Friday - SKCreations, LLC Custom Tote Bags

Do you carry a log of "stuff" everyday?  I do.  No matter how hard I try to pare down, my bags still tend to be overstuffed.  I don't really need everything I carry everywhere I go but I don't want to be caught without something, which has happened from time to time.  What to do?  Well, the answer for me is a handy tote bag.  It's a great solution because it will fit all those "extras" that I only might need, and it'll also accommodate a purse if I want to bring one along to use separately for some other activity.  It's a win-win.

SKCreations, LLC has a great selection of Tote Bags that are roomy and durable.  The original designs will make a nice accent to any outfit too.  They're crafted from a sophisticated linen cotton canvas and have a duck cloth lining with two interior pockets.  They're easy to care for since they are machine washable too.  These are our lovely "finds" of the week.

Calypso I Custom Tote Bag

Retropolis 3 Custom Tote Bag

Retropolis 7 Custom Tote Bag

Stained Glass Mosaic Custom Tote Bag

Who Spilled the Beans Custom Tote Bag

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