Monday, January 25, 2016

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: How to Style Your SKCreations Infinity Scarf

I recently had a customer purchase one of my Maxi Skirts in my Zig design, and when she received it she asked if I had an Infinity Scarf to match.  Although I'd made many scarves, I hadn't considered doing one in Zig.  I did one especially for her, and when it was finished I realized how much I liked it so I made one for myself and decided to make the design available in my online store.  I also decided it would be a great choice to showcase the various ways the scarves can be styled:

Draped Loosely Around the Neck

Doubled Around the Neck
High on the Neck and Draped

As a Shrug, Secured with a Pin or Brooch

You can also pair the scarf with a Maxi Skirt.

So you see there is a lot of versatility with these scarves.  I even had a customer tell me that she was going to try to use it as a head wrap.  I haven't tried that myself, but you can get as creative as you like.  To see the complete collection, please visit the SKCreations, LLC online boutique.

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