Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: Naturally ME Noir - Special Edition

I have been thrilled by the response I've received on my Naturally ME surface designs.  It is a passion project for me so it's icing on the cake when customers tell me how much they love it.  There were a couple of inquiries about whether I would offer the t-shirts in black as well as in white, and the idea really appealed to me.  Black is bold and chic, and who doesn't love a black tee?  I decided to do it but I'd make it different than the original design, and it would be a Special Edition.  I set out on creating eight new designs of women with natural hairstyles, which would be shown exclusively on the black background.  Here is the finished product, Naturally ME Noir (that's black in French if anyone asks).  Unlike the original Naturally ME design, the individual hairstyles on the Noir tees will not be available separately.

There are two versions of the design: one with a red border like the one on the white tee, and one with a white border.  Why did I do two?  I just couldn't decide which I liked best, so why not have both?  The tees are now available in the SKCreations Online Boutique.


Also, as with all of the Naturally ME tees, a portion of the proceeds from sales of the Naturally ME Noir tees will be donated to Covenant House, the largest privately-funded childcare agency in the country providing shelter and service to homeless and runaway youth.  

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