Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: Naturally ME Note Cards

I am a card girl.  Perhaps it's a bit old school, but I have a real love for a thoughtful greeting card or a card with a handwritten note.  It's such a small thing to do but it can make a huge impact on someone's day.  To me, it shows that you cared enough to take the time to choose a card that reflects how you feel about someone, which I find very meaningful, particularly in this fast-paced age of technology.

I have always been a regular customer at my local Hallmark stores; so much so that I am a Platinum Crown Rewards Member.  I have a list of monthly birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions to acknowledge, so it's rare that I purchase fewer than three cards at one time.  I also love art cards.  I've accumulated a cache of these from artists over the years.  It's an inexpensive way to have a piece of beautiful work by an artist, especially if I'm not able to purchase the actual artwork.  I've even framed some of these cards.

Oftentimes I make note cards displaying some of my artwork.  Others who have purchased them have told me that they really value them and have a hard time giving them to others because they don't want to part with them.  What a wonderful compliment!  In keeping with this practice I have created note cards for my Naturally ME series.  The cards measure 5" x 7", are blank inside and come with a white envelope.  There are nine total, one each representing the individual hairstyles and the primary design which combines them all.  They're available in the SKCreations Online Boutique.  You can purchase them singly or at a savings when you purchase the set of nine.  I've created a reusable drawstring pouch to complete the set.  Fabric selections for the pouch may vary.

Naturally ME Note Card
Naturally ME Note Cards (Set of 9)
Naturally ME Note Cards (Set of 9 with Pouch)


  1. I know what you mean. I love me some note cards too! And we frame them around here as well. Kudos to you for creating another way to display your own work. Love the pouch bag. :-)

    1. Thanks, Libby! It's also a way for me to make good use of all this fabric I have around here! LOL!