Monday, May 16, 2016

SKCreations, LLC Surface Design: Peace

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the word "peace".  It's a small word with such a huge meaning.  It encompasses a lack of conflict and unrest, as well as harmony, quiet and a state of mind.  Don't we all long for that?  It is even commonly used as a greeting.  The symbol for peace is universal, and has spanned generations.

I've created a design, titled Peace, that represents the positivity of this word.  Specifically, when we have peace of mind we feel lighter, happier and better overall.  When I completed the design it brought a smile to my face, as it captures the joyful tone I intended for it to project. 
I had the design printed onto the popular modern jersey fabric, and used it to create The Shay Maxi Skirt/Tube Dress and the Bella Skirt.  When you wear these items, you're sure to feel happier too.

The Shay Maxi Skirt in Peace design

The Shay Tube Dress in Peace design

Bella Skirt in Peace design

These items are now available in the SKCreations, LLC online boutique.  Get yours today!

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